Case Management

Due to the depth and breadth of our collective experience, our occupational therapists receive referrals to provide case management services to ensure an individual who has sustained an injury is receiving adequate supports and rehabilitation for optimal recovery.  An occupational therapy assessment is performed in the home. Recommendations for therapies, support services and equipment are made and implemented with regular monitoring to optimize daily functioning and a return to meaningful activities.  For example, someone with driving anxiety that prevents them from returning to work may be referred for counseling and a functional driving evaluation.  Once the driving anxiety is addressed, they may be more ready to start a gradual return to work.

Case management services are also available to prevent caregiver burnout.  Caring full-time for a loved one can eventually lead to the caregiver experiencing ill health, either physically or emotionally.  Case management services helps reduce caregiver stress by coordinating care to reduce caregiver demands.