Dr. MJ Mulcahey


After obtaining her occupational therapy degree, Dr. Mulcahey practiced as an occupational therapy clinician and researcher for over 20 years at Shriners Childrens’ Philadelphia. Her practice area was with families and children with spinal cord injuries, brachial plexus birth injuries, cerebral palsy, limb loss, and other neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions. During her tenure at Shriners, Dr. Mulcahey pursued a PhD and advanced training in measurement and outcomes assessment. As part of the Shriners Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Data Set, she implemented longitudinal assessment to examine long term sequela of pediatric SCI. She led a multi-center study that established guidelines for evaluating the neurological consequence of spinal cord injuries in children, which have been adopted globally. Currently, she is a tenured Professor of Occupational Therapy and Director of the Center for Outcomes and Measurement in Jefferson College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Mulcahey is a calibrated AMPS assessor, certified health coach, certified QPR Gate Keeper (suicide prevention) and a certified life care planner. She developed and directs a four, 3-credit course graduate certificate program in life care planning, which is an approved training program by the International Commission on Health Care Certification. Dr. Mulcahey has contributed to international working groups that have developed basic data sets for routine monitoring and longitudinal assessment of children and adults with spinal cord injuries, which facilitates evidence informed projections of immediate and long-term potential complications. Her training in life care planning and experience as an occupational therapy clinician-scientist forms the foundation from which Dr. Mulcahey approaches life care planning. She joined Turning Point Life Care Planning in 2023 and is available to develop Life Care Plans for individuals of all ages who have experienced catastrophic injury as well as provide a responsive analysis of existing life care plans (rebuttals).

NJ OT License: 46TR01152900

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